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A Video Series on the Faith Based Education

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Academic Performance of Students in Adventist Schools

The CognitiveGenesis study set out to answer these two related questions:

  1. How well are students doing academically in the Adventist school system?

  2. How does academic performance in Adventist schools compare to academic performance in public schools and other private schools?

The project gathered massive amounts of data about the academic achievement and abilities of 51,706 students in more than 800 Adventist elementary schools and academies in the United States. The students were in grades 3 to 9, and also in grade 11. Every conference and nearly every school participated.

In all grades, in schools of all sizes, students in Adventist schools outperformed the national average in all subjects.

The study was designed to show how well students are doing in the Adventist school system and how their academic achievement compares to the achievement of students in other school systems. Standardized Iowa achievement tests were given each year to gather this data.

In addition to measuring knowledge and skills with achievement tests, the researchers wanted to assess students’ ability to learn, adapt, solve problems and understand instructions—their aptitude. The Cognitive Abilities Test was used each year to gather this data.

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